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Fitness Testing
26/01/2021 by

We, at WyeMTB, are super excited to announce our latest offering – Wye Performance!  

Born out of our customers requesting advice on cycle specific training, but unsure where to start.  These customers love riding their bikes in the mountains and in the forests, but want to ride further and faster.  We will be offering the everyday cyclist two products to suit their commitment and wallet.

If you google ‘cycle specific training’, you will get 498,000,000 results!  This can be an overwhelming choice of information even for someone who knows exactly what they are looking for.  Many articles contradict each other. Some are too simplistic and some make you feel like you need to take a fortnight off work to get your head around it all! At Wye Performance, we aim to take the jargon out of the science and provide you with an easy-to-follow cycling specific plan.

We start off with a chat, yep, an actual conversation. We discuss what you want to achieve and, importantly, how much time you have to actually ride your bike.  Secondly, you pop down to our testing lab in Monmouth for us to assess your baseline fitness.  You will do 2 tests;

Wye Performance
2 fitness tests carried out

Test one is a Peak Power Test, which will measure your ability to sprint off a start line, out of a corner or simply accelerate away from your mates!!!

Test 2 is a measure of your Aerobic Fitness – average power of a 3 minute effort.

From this, we provide you with a bespoke twelve week training plan based on YOUR fitness and what YOU want to achieve. Be it a specific event or a personal goal.

If you choose Plan A then you have the option to return down to Monmouth for another fitness test and a review chat on the data, stating how much you have improved in those three months.  For Plan B’ers, this is just the start of the journey.  A whole year of focussed bespoke training with regular re-testing, catch- ups with your coach and access to the leading software platform ‘Training Peaks’. All this for less than a McDonalds meal a week!

Our Wye Performance coaches have extensive experience delivering training programmes both to elite athletes and focussed weekend warriors. Our Lead Coach is a Level 3 British Cycling coach and has a BSc in Sport Science. Most importantly, they are super-keen mountain bikers who want you to get the best out of yourself. 

For more information, check out our Wye Performance page or contact us here to arrange a no obligation chat.

Fitness Testing
British cycling Level 3 coach working with a client

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