Guest Post, Author at Wye MTB

Riding with women will make you better rider!

Getting more people on bikes, that is one of our key aims at WyeMTB 

Who has walked around their local trail centre and seen how male dominated the site can be? But if you look closely there is a growing community of female riders starting to enjoy the delights of their local cycle centre.

These female groups have started to emerge because of a dedicated few wanting to guide, coach and develop mountain bike riding in their local community, but without their significant other ‘showing them how it’s done’ ;-). Our local group – The Dames – in the Forest of Dean have grown partly because of the highly popular Little Fodders kids mountain bike club run through PedalaBikeAway every Saturday, whereby they drop their children off and then they themselves head off in a group.

WyeMTB are keen to develop these female riders and show them the mountains of the Brecon Beacons National park. This is where the brain child of owner and director David Windebank came from ‘my wife started to ride when our two children were in the kids club, you could see her confidence grow week on week. I’m fortunate, as a professional Mountain bike guide, I get to spend a lot of time in the mountains, I really want to get more people out there and experience the breathtaking views, scenery and well-being benefits of the mountains can provide. The key to developing female mountain bikers is riding with other females in an encouraging and progressive environment’

In the dark gloomy winter months, we created 2 bespoke guided rides just for the female market:

WyeMTB have some great contacts in the mountain bike industry and have been lucky to secure two world class female mountain bike guides to run our trip. Both guides are industry leaders and have expeditions and trips all over the globe. Take a closer look at the trips on the website.


Uplifts make an Epic day even more Epic

Okay, okay… You may love or hate an uplift, and to be honest, it depends on the day and the ride for me.

There is something about working hard to get to the top of a climb and taking in some amazing scenery before throwing yourself down a loose, sliding, sometimes sketchy fast descent. Get 3 climbs and runs in can sometimes be all that anyone can handle.

Then you see the Landrover parked at the bottom of a long, challenging, awesome descent and your weary body gets another shot of adrenaline. Yeah, we think an uplift is the shizzle too 🙂

Brecon Gives Another Epic Descent

A video is always stronger than words. But we have to say stunning views and amazing natural descents.

You may be wondering whether riding the Brecon Beacons is for you… it most definitely is.

When you ride natural trails you always need to be prepared for what Britain can throw us. The weather was crazy with #stormhannah providing some very strong winds on the summits. We highly recommend following our <packing list> to be able to get every ounce of gnarly fun out of the rides.

Burgtec Pedals are Ace

Burgtec MK 4 Composite Pedals

We have been running the Penhouse flat MK4 pedals for some time now and love the simplistic and hard wearing nature of them. We have given them some real abuse on our Guided rides around South Wales. Let’s not shy away they are a premium product and retail at a cool £99 for the steel option or £149.99 for the titanium option. We have been using the steel options and they haven’t put a foot wrong or should we say a pedal wrong 😉

WyeMTB were super chuffed to see they have now released a composite pedal which enters into a lower price range £39.99 rrp. This lower price doesn’t compromise on the amazing qualities of MK flat pedal apart from the material, the pedals are even using the same mold as their Penthouse pedal….. Nice touch lads.

Burgtec have ensured all their local retailers have these mega pedals in stock, so go and check them out at your local bike shop.