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How to deal with an accident while Mountain Biking

This is a really good video from British Cycling, with some top tips on how to deal with accidents when Mountain Biking;

Tell a friend 

Make sure someone knows where you riding and when you are going to be back! Especially when riding solo!

Always carry a phone

Allows you to alert the emergency services. Did you know that if you are more than 50 metres from the road you should ask for the Police not the ambulance?

The Police will co ordinate with the relevant emergency services – Mountain Rescue, SARA (Severn Area Rescue) etc to get help to you as quickly as possible.

Also if you are riding at a trail centre you should contact Forestry England or Natural Resources Wales. There will be a contact number on the information boards at the start of the trail. Put the number in your phone.

Carry a Map 

How many people carry a map when your riding? Your map never runs out of battery, so allows you to to locate where you are if you do have an accident.

Mini First Aid Kit 

Pedalabikeaway sell a great mini waterproof first aid kit that will you to allow you to deal with most minor injuries out on the trail. Most importantly know how to use it!

We run the 2 day outdoor first aid course, which help provide you with all the skills in event of an accident. You should always try and be self sufficient when you are out on the trails!

Obviously you are going to need something to carry it in, so pack it in your Camelbak and check out our previous blog on what to carry in your backpack