Finding Your Feet: The Core Skills


Tackle the fundamentals.

All courses are based at our local trail centre Pedal a Bike Away which allows for us to utilise the amazing network of trails and get the best out of our clients.


Pedalabikeaway, New Road, Coleford, UK

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Monmouth, UK



The session will break down the fundamental basics of mountain biking and hone your core skills to improve your time on the trails! If you’re a total beginner and new to the sport or if you’ve been riding for a short while this session will be ideal for you and be a huge confidence boost.

Session is 3 hours and starts at 10am. Please be ready to ride for 9.45am.

Maximum of 6 participants for the session.

Topics covered during the course include

  • Body position on the bike
  • Braking
  • Weight shift
  • Future trail
  • Gears
  • Small climbs and descents


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