FOD Flow Part 2


FOD Flow Part 2 develops  learning from the FoD Flow course to cement all the skills needed to prepare you for more technical terrain.   This course will be based on the 1 and 2 dot downhill lines and the enduro lines throughout the forest situated at the Cannop Cycle Centre.

There is a maximum of six participants for this session.

The session is from 10am – 3pm, we ask that you please be ready to ride for 9.45am.

Topics covered during the FOD Flow Part 2 include:-

  • Pumping the natural trail
  • Advanced weight shifting
  • Advanced cornering
  • Advanced braking
  • Drop-offs above hub height
  • Racing lines
  • Race preparation
  • Video analysis which can be reviewed on the big screen over lunch




FOD Flow Part 2

A full day’s coaching designed to give you, the rider, an insight into riding more technical terrain found at the Pedalabikeaway trail centre.

This course will include small learning groups, two full coaching sessions and video analysis.  This analysis will be reviewed throughout the day for immediate feedback.

The aim of this coaching session is to move on from the skills learnt on our FOD Flow course.  This courses will focus on more advanced skills such as specific weight shifting, steep descents, drop offs above hub height, advanced corners and steep off piste descents.

All courses are based at our local trail centre PedalaBikeAway which allows us to utilise the trails used for all the mini enduro tracks, a café for you to purchase lunch and a classroom to watch and review your skills on the TV.  There is also an exceptional skills area, which we can use to hone these specific skills.

FOD Flow Part 2 is the third step of our comprehensive coaching pathway.  A progressive structure for you to develop from a complete beginner to exhibiting hardcore skills on your mountain bike!  Already been on this course?  Then have a look at the course ‘Logical Progression‘ to further develop your mountain biking skills.




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