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This coaching course aims to build upon the skills taught on our Finding your Feet: Core Skills  (Level 1 course), however you can book directly onto this level, if you feel you can ride around a Blue graded trails. This course is a full day of coaching included in the day is two formal coaching sessions, video analysis and a whole lot of fun.

The course will give you new skills to help navigate around red graded trails, our coaches will use a number of coaching techniques to help you get the most out of the day. Techniques utilised are Demonstrations, practical sessions, peer observation, Q&A session, focused key words and video analysis

We work with small groups to allow for maximum learning

Topics covered during the course include:
  • Cornering including berms
  • Weight shift techniques
  • Drop-offs
  • Effective braking
  • Pumping the trail
  • Small drops
  • Line choice

Session runs from 10am – 3pm

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Mountain bike coaching in the Forest of Dean. FoD Flow is the second step on our mountain bike coaching program and develops skills learnt on our core skills coaching course.

The course introduces skills required for the progressive beginner to navigate smoothly around red graded trails at purpose built cycle centres and build your overall confidence on a bike.  The course is based around a number of coaching zones  at Pedalabikeaway, to give you the clients the best opportunity to try new skills and improve on old tricks.

There is a maximum of six participants for the session.

This coaching session is 5 hours in duration, starting at 10 am, but please be ready to ride at 9.45 am. 

Topics covered during the course include:

  • Cornering including berms
  • Weight shift techniques
  • Drop-offs
  • Effective braking
  • Pumping the trail
  • Small drops
  • Line choice


FOD Flow is the second step of our comprehensive coaching pathway.  It is a progressive structure for you, the rider, to develop from a complete beginner to exhibiting hardcore skills on your mountain bike!  Already been on this course?  Then have a look at to FOD Flow: Part Two to further progress your mountain biking skills.

This is an adults (18+)  course, however 16-18 year olds can attend if there is an adult accompanying them on the course.


6 reviews for FOD Flow: The Next Step

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Decided to give this course a go to help me get back into mountain biking. As an instructor Dave had a really reassuring style. He was able to make it feel relaxed whilst still pushing you. I felt so much more confident afterwards. Course obviously has a structure but has flexibility to look at any other areas that might be relevant which I found really beneficial.
    Without a doubt I shall attend a logical progression course once the skills learned here have been embedded.
    I cant recommend these guys enough!

    • David Windebank

      Massive thanks Mike!!!

  2. Sariah Couch

    This course was fantastic for building my confidence. I started the day quite nervous, i couldnt carry any speed around corners or over roots, but Joe was brilliant, he explained the techniques really well, and at the end of the day i could do little drops. My speed and technique have improved loads by practicing what i learned. Awesome day and a great group..Thanks Joe i’ve booked FOD flow 2 already.

    • David Windebank (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback Sariah, Hope to see you again soon

  3. Andrew Davies (verified owner)

    A very keen (but older) entrant to mtb riding last year, with 6 months experience riding downhill and xc, I felt this would be the appropriate entry level course for me. I was hoping to learn new skills and remove any bad habits before they became embedded.

    The group format worked well, enough individual focus from the coach, but also learned while watching others develop their technique. Coach did great job of keeping things relaxed while pushing us out of our comfort zone when needed.

    Bike checks identified a lose crank arm; now I always run a bolt and tyre check before riding out. Valuable lesson learnt before we even sat on the saddle!

    Some techniques instructed came quickly, while others have required practice in my own time. Small drops technique clicked for me and I got a real buzz on the day. The Flat cornering technique was hard to coordinate and execute smoothly; and we we advised to practice at any opportunity in open space or on fire roads etc. It finally clicked last week, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t master everything on the day!

    My enjoyment seems to come more from gravity riding now, so I’m hoping to book the Natural Progression course next, to build confidence on tabletops, and bigger drops.

    In summary, a very enjoyable experience, improving on the day, and taking with me the proper techniques to practice when on the trail.

    • David Windebank (verified owner)


      Thank for the feedback

  4. Elle Murphy (verified owner)

    Myself and two friends came and did this course on tired legs after riding at Bike Park Wales the day before, yet it was so good we found the energy somewhere! Our coach, Windy really looked after everyone in the group and explained things in a way I hadn’t really considered before. The logical progression in the session as the day went on just worked and built confidence as the day went on. I can happily say I’ve come away with a good foundation of the skills I wanted to achieve – (confidence in cornering and dropping off two ways) I’ll definitely go off to do my homework and come back to the next course when I’m ready!
    Thank you!

    • David Windebank (verified owner)

      Amazing, great to hear. Cheers

  5. Miss Jessica O’Connell (verified owner)

    Excellent course for boosting confidence! Windy was super encouraging all day, giving simple explanations and useful tips to take with me into my own practice. Since the course, I’ve found myself saying little phrases that he used while I’m out riding, passing the examples on to my riding buddies and slowly I’m making progress. My partner even passed comment the other day that I’m “Using you lesson tips well” (this is high praise!). Thanks again for a great course, can’t wait to take on FOD Flow 2 later in the year.

  6. Baz Meacham (verified owner)

    Fantastic course really helped build confidence in various aspects of riding from cornering and weight shift techniques to line choice through Rooty terrain and small drops. Will and Tom were great with us all day and put up well with my incessant babbling about all manner of somewhat related stuff. Would highly recommend this course even if you have been riding a while and want to improve some techniques.

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