Level 2 MTB Leadership Award

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British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Award: Level 2

The Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is the entry point for most aspiring mountain bike leaders. This qualification provides experienced mountain bikers with the necessary skills to safely guide other riders on off-road terrain.

This award is ideal for anyone who either works in the outdoor sector, volunteers at a club or has a personal interest in gaining additional mountain bike skills.


Afan Lodge

Afan Lodge, Afan Road, Duffryn Rhondda, Port Talbot, UK

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Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre

Gilwern, Abergavenny, UK

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Pedalabikeaway, New Road, Coleford, UK

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Monmouth, UK



Level 2 Training Dates 2019

19th – 20th Jan Pedalabikeaway
2nd – 2rd Feb Gilwern OEC Centre
25th – 26th Feb Afan Lodge
30th – 31st Mar Pedalabikeaway
22nd – 23rd Apr Gilwern OEC Centre
4th – 5th May Gilwern OEC Centre
15th – 16th Jun Pedalabikeaway
8th – 9th Jul Gilwern OEC Centre
5th – 6th Aug Gilwern OEC Centre
7th – 8th Sep Gilwern OEC Centre
1st – 2nd Oct Pedalabikeaway
21st – 22nd Oct Afan Lodge
11th – 12th Nov Pedalabikeaway
7th – 8th Dec Gilwern OEC Centre

Course overview

The Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is the entry point for aspiring mountain bike leaders, enabling qualified leaders to use their experience to guide others on off-road terrain safely. The award is ideal for anyone with experience in mountain biking, who is either working in the outdoor sector, volunteering at a club or has a personal interest in gaining additional skills. These skills can be used to go out on a mountain bike, be safe and have fun.

Following registration for the award with British Cycling, learners book a two-day training course with WyeMTB. Upon completion of the training course, a one-day practical assessment will follow after a consolidation period which allows sufficient time for you to hone the skills and knowledge you have obtained during training.

For more information about the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Level 2 training, click “More Info” above or give us a call.

2 reviews for Level 2 MTB Leadership Award

  1. James Fahy (verified owner)

    Attended this course over the weekend, after thinking i have everything i would need for a day out with a group packed in my backpack, we was soon taught by rachael how fast things could change for people and how better prepared we could all be as leaders for the unexpected, it is a great course which i have thoroughly enjoyed, and came away from knowing my areas for improvement before attending my assessment.

    • David Windebank

      Thanks James for the feedback, Rachel is a very highly accomplished outdoor professional and we are very luck to have her as part of the team. Any questions before assessment, just shout

  2. Gavin Benjamin (verified owner)

    I attended the level 2 course this weekend, I had an amazing time learning new skills and building on some of the skills I already had. Top notch tutors and a weekend spent with like minded people. Really looking forward to the journey to assessment day and putting it all to use in the future.

    • David Windebank

      Thanks Gavin, Really glad you enjoyed yourself and learnt some new skills. If you need anything before the assessment day please shout. Cheers

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Course content

The course covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Planning and delivery of appropriate rides or your group.
  • Leading techniques for effective group management.
  • Map reading and navigation for a flowing journey.
  • Management of accidents and emergencies.
  • Equipment set-up and trailside repairs.
  • Core mountain bike techniques.


To attend the training you will need to:

  • Be 18 years old or over.
  • Have mountain biking experience in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.
  • Be competent in the techniques and skills required to safely negotiate the typical trail features encountered in the Level 2 environment. As a general guide, this is comparable to red-graded purpose-built trails.
  • Hold a current two-day outdoor First Aid certificate (this can be acquired after training, but ideally submitted shortly after assessment). For further details on the context and outdoor industry best practice guidelines, please see the Institute of Outdoor Learning’s Outdoor First Aid Training Framework.

You will need to provide your tutor with a logbook of evidence of your rides in the appropriate terrain within the last 6-12 months. A logbook will be sent to you upon registering for the award. We strongly encourage learners to conduct some riding and navigation outside of a trail centre environment in preparation for training and assessment.

Learners must have an appropriate level of physical fitness for a day’s riding in the level 2 leading environment. This environment is as follows:

  • Rideable at walking speed.
  • Rollable on descents so that wheels are not required to leave the ground.
  • Obvious line choice.
  • 90% rideable by the entire group.
  • No more than 30-mins walk from ambulance access.
  • Maximum leader-to-rider ratio should not exceed 1:8.
  • During daylight in normal summer and seasonal conditions.


Assessment for the Level 2 Award consists of a written assignment and a one-day practical assessment.

The written assignment is designed to assess your competence in the knowledge and application required to achieve the award. The assignment will be sent to you by the licenced provider once you have booked your assessment date. You will be asked to return the completed assignment to the tutor before attending the practical assessment. Meeting or exceeding a minimum assignment score is one of the requirements for a pass.

The practical assessment will consist of a mountain bike journey, approximately 5-6 hours long and covering 40km or more. Shared with other candidates and the tutor, each candidate will be assigned to lead sections totalling around 10km.

The assessment route is pre-planned by the tutor and is designed to enable you to demonstrate your competence at the limits of the remit of a Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader. You will be expected to fulfil all the assessment criteria of the award including tracking the progress of the group at all times and you may be asked to respond to questions or perform the role of a leader at any time throughout the ride.

You will be expected to provide a flowing journey while demonstrating good leadership and navigational skills, using a map as your primary navigation tool. Your group management, leadership and trailside repairs skills will be verified out on the trail by the tutor using a combination of simulation-based questioning and practical sessions.

The assessment is designed to put learners under a proportionate level of pressure that reflects the role of a Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader. The tutor will facilitate your evaluation throughout the day to also encourage an environment of continuous learning. They will support all learners to understand where their skill set meets the qualification requirements including explaining where and why, if it is not yet at the required standard. All learners will be provided with action plans for future development after the assessment.

Referral and Reassessment

You will be provided with sufficient information and guidance throughout training, and before the assessment, that you can be successful. There are, however, occasions where this may not be the case, and a referral can occur.

Depending on which criteria have not yet met, a variety of actions can fulfil a future reassessment. For example, written evidence, a one-to-one demonstration with a tutor, or attendance at a new assessment opportunity. You are encouraged to discuss the assessment with the tutor and with British Cycling before attending your assessment to ensure that you are ready for the day.

Registration with British Cycling’s Mountain Bike Leadership Programme

Before booking onto a training course with WyeMTB, you will need to pay a one-off cost to register with British Cycling’s MTB Leadership Programme.You will then be provided you with the training handbook, log book and free Ride Membership valid for one year.

If you do not regularly work with young people or do not have evidence of completing safeguarding training, you will also need to complete online training and a short online assessment. If this is the case, we will provide login details for an online learning programme ‘Child Protection Awareness in Sport and Active Leisure’. A free link to this online safeguarding training course is included in the cost of registration and is made available upon request. If you have already completed safeguarding training and assessment, you should send a copy of your certificate to mtbleadership@britishcycling.org.uk.

Alternatively, if you regularly work with young people, a letter from the organisation you work for verifying your competency in a safeguarding role also satisfies this requirement.

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