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The aim of this coaching session is to give you the confidence to move onto more progressive mountain bike features such as jumps and drops. The course is designed to move you through all the steps needed to get the wheel and then the wheels off the ground for the first time. We use table top jumps, step downs and other more advance trail features which are found on Red trails and 1 dot down hill trails

Techniques utilised are Demonstrations, practical sessions, peer observation, Q&A session, focused key words and video analysis on the trail and on the large TV based in the Cafe.

At the end of the day you will be sent a Dropbox link where all the videos and photos of the day will be stored. You will have access to this link for 7 days before they are deleted.


The content of this coaching day includes the final steps before you’re ready to tackle our  Jumps and Drops course. This course brings together the learning from the Core Skills course and the FoD Flow course to cement all the skills needed to progress to the next level. The course will be based on the downhill lines and our purpose built jumps and drops course situated at the Pedalabikeaway.

There is a maximum of six participants for this session.

The session lasts for 5 hours in total which includes lunch. Starting at 10 am, we ask that you, please be ready to ride for 9.45am.

Topics covered during the course include

  • Pumping the trail
  • Advanced weight lift including dynamic manuals and rear wheel lifts
  • Advanced Corning
  • Drop-offs above hub height
  • Table-top jumps
  • Video analysis which can be reviewed on the big screen over lunch

1 review for Logical Progression

  1. Lee Edwards (verified owner)

    After a couple of years of trail centre riding, I had plateaued.  I booked a 1-1 with Joe, a fantastic coach who completely transformed my control and flow.  Now it was time to learn to jump properly as my attempts were interesting to say the least… Logical Progression sounded ideal and learning in a group would also be a fun day out.  Windy was another brilliant coach and he tailored the course to everyone’s level and desires. After covering pumping on the pump track, we moved to manuals and then sessioned a nice, easy table before moving to the red route tables which I had always found daunting, but I now had the confidence to try them. Windy analysed us with video and fixed our technique, timing and also bike setup.  We then moved to the drops in the skills area with more video analysis and as we were doing well, we moved to a trail with slightly bigger drops. A bit intimidating at first sight, but we did them! I have progressed hugely in so little time with the Wye MTB coaches and they are they nicest guys you could hope to meet.  I still have things to work on, and have been practicing and am continuing to improve faster than ever. When you are progressing, coaching the best value upgrade you can buy; plus you get lunch too! Highly recommended.

    • David Windebank

      Thanks so much Lee, Catch up soon!

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