Logical Progression


Final step before jumps and drops.

All courses are based at our local trail centre Pedal a Bike Away which allows for us to utilise the amazing network of trails and get the best out of our clients.



Pedalabikeaway, New Road, Coleford, UK

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Monmouth, UK



The content of this coaching day includes the final steps before you are ready to take on the Jumps and Drops course offered by Pedalabikeaway. This course brings together the above two courses to cement all the skills needed to progress to the next level. The course will be based on the downhill lines and our purpose built jumps and drops course situated at the Cannop Cycle Centre.

Session is for 3 hours and starts at 10am. Please be ready to ride for 9.45am.

Maximum of 6 participants for the session

Topics covered during the course include

  • Pumping the trail
  • Advanced weight lift including dynamic manuals and rear wheel lifts
  • Advanced Corning
  • Drop offs above hub height
  • Table top jumps


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