From the Start

Established in 2010 by two passionate mountain bikers, WyeMTB aims to educate, encourage and enhance mountain bike participation in and around the Wye Valley, South Wales and the Forest of Dean. Offering expert mountain bike coaching and guided rides in the area, we are also the leading provider of the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Award scheme.

WyeMTB is based in Monmouth, Wales, and has been identified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With vast rolling hills and thick forests stretching across the area, Monmouth has rapidly become a hotspot for mountain biking and a wide range of outdoor activities from kayaking, walking and rock climbing.

Our Team is headed up by co-owner David Windebank (BSc), a Level 3 MTB Guide and Tutor, a Level 2 MTB coach and trainee Level 3 MTB Coach. Windy has been coaching and guiding for over 15 years, and previously ran the an outdoor education course at a local FE college.

He is supported by co-owner Gareth Sheppard (BSc, MBA), also a Level 3 MTB guide, Level 3 Tutor and Level 3 MTB Coach. Gareth was Performance Manager for British Cycling and an ex-elite cyclist.  Gareth also runs Pedal Syndicate and Pedalabikeaway.

As registered training providers of the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Award, we offer full instruction and assessment for all levels of the award: Level 1 for outdoor activity centres, Level 2 for aspiring leaders, Level 3 for advanced leadership, and the new night riding award.

As British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Coaches, we offer coaching from the complete beginner to expert.  Age or ability is no barrier to enjoying the sport that we love so much! We offer group coaching sessions on a weekly basis and bespoke 1-2-1 coaching sessions on request.

We have decades of experience within the mountain biking industry.  If you want some technical advice to develop standard operating guidelines, then just drop us a line and we will be happy to provide this to you.

Whether you’re looking to gain a formal qualification in mountain biking, improve your bike skills, or perhaps you’re after an unforgettable mountain bike adventure with friends and family, we can cater for you. For more information and to enquire, feel free to contact us.

Meet The Team

David Windebank

BC Level 3 Coach and Leadership Tutor, ITC 16hr Level 3 Outdoor first aid

With a BSc (Hons) Degree in Outdoor Education, David “Windy” Windebank is an accomplished lecturer in outdoor education. Despite being well versed on the water, with qualifications in canoe and kayaking, Windy co-founded WyeMTB to deliver exceptional mountain bike education and guided ride experiences.

As an early member of the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership program, Windy has worked closely with Scottish Cycling, Welsh Cycling and British Cycling to help develop the award’s curriculum and delivery schedule. His involvement with the award program has played an integral role in its success.  He is one of the leading mountain biking tutors in the UK, and one of only a handful qualified to deliver the prestigious Level 3 Leadership Award.

Windy also holds certificates in other outdoor awards including Mountain Leader, Single Pitch Award, Canoe and Kayak Coach Level 3. He’s a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning holding his Accredited Practitioners of the Institute for Outdoor Learning award.

Gareth Sheppard

BC Level 3 Coach and Leadership Tutor, ITC 16hr Level 3 Outdoor first aid

Gareth’s love for mountain biking began in the early ’90s, and his enthusiasm for the sport took him all the way to the European and World Mountain Bike Championships where he proudly competed for Great Britain.

With years of mountain bike racing under his belt, Gareth took up the position of Performance Manager for the British Cycling Team for six years. During this time, Gareth travelled the world with Team GB, taking them to many World Championships, World Cup events, the 2010 Commonwealth Games and, more notably, the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Gareth now runs the Pedalabikeaway Trail Centre in the Forest of Dean which hosts one of the largest kid’s mountain bike clubs in the country, Little Fodders. Through this club, Gareth has coached many young riders into successful mountain bike racers over the past several years.

Gareth holds a British Cycling Level 3 MTB coach qualification and British Cycling Level 3 MTB leader award.

Clare Muir

BC Level 2 MTB Generic Coach, BC Level 2 MTB Coach; BC Level 3 MTB Leader, ITC 16hr Level 3 Outdoor 1st Aid

I started cycling 20 years ago after my horse died as I needed a new hobby where I got constantly covered in mud!  I quickly got into XC racing and spent many happy years racing with a team from our local bike shop. After moving to this area several years ago I gave up racing and just embraced the different terrains this area has to offer. I became an MTB coach and guide as I love to see others gain new skills and experiences, and pass on my passion for the sport.  My ‘happy place’ to cycle is in the Black Mountains, with the amazing views and brutal climbs!

Joe Goode


Some say his favourite drink is chain lube and that his relationship status on facebook is a four bar linkage – all we know is that he’s called Coach Joe.

Joe started racing Mountain bikes from the age of 11 and was drawn into this exciting sport and has never looked back. He has competed in multiple disciplines within mountain biking since he was bitten by the bug and, time allowing, still races today.

He has over a decade of experience in the bike trade, managing a busy shop in Greater London and working closely with an infamous distributor. This however did not leave enough time for riding and the Forest called. He and his family moved to the area and they have never looked back!

Joe is a British Cycling Level 2 MTB coach and a Level 2 Guide, who also coaches the Little Fodders kids club based at Pedalabikeaway.

Sam Copp

“Golden Eagle, dropping in”

Sam raced downhill for a number of years before going to study outdoor education to become a multi-activity instructor.  However, he soon discovered that instructing and leading mountain biking was the sole direction he wanted to go!  When Sam is not working as a guide or coach, he is riding his bike.  Some say he is obsessed, he merely states he is prefers to spend his time in his happy place 🙂

Sam is a British Cycling  Level 3 Guide and a MTB Level 2 MTB Coach.

Seth Barrett

I started riding mountain bikes at the age of 8.  All thanks to my older brother and Dad who, after countless attempts of antagonising them for me to go with them, agreed. From that moment, I’ve never looked back and been obsessed with this sport ever since.

I’ve been lucky enough to race all over the world doing what I enjoy most. I have competed in a few Downhill World Cup rounds and an Enduro World Series round.  I mainly focus on downhill racing because going fast is addictive! However, I am happiest being on a fun ride on any bike with some good mates.  Racing has helped me analyse myself and what I can do better and feel I’ve become quite methodical with my riding, which is why I enjoy coaching so much.

I believe you can always do better and supporting people to improve their mountain biking skills is something that I find very rewarding.  You can find me any given day on my bike and enjoying the amazing trails that the local area has to offer.